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GEO Health Community of Practice Quarterly Plenary Telecon

Quarterly WebEx telecon (9:30-11AM EST/GMT-5) to discuss agenda items with GEO Health Community of Practice, which is composed of a global network of governments, organizations, and observers.

For WebEx information, please email Helena Chapman (


1. General Updates

  • Update on the GEO Secretariat and GEO Week 2018 in Kyoto, Japan (Doug Cripe, GEO Secretariat representative)

2. Preparation for the GEO Health Community of Practice Meeting at AGU2018 in Washington, DC

  • Tentative agenda and overall expectations (John Haynes, NASA)

3. Progress of the GEO Health Community of Practice Work Plan

  • Draft GEO Health CoP Goals (Juli Trtanj, NOAA)

  • Each GEO CoP Small Working Group will provide a 5-minute report on their Work Plan sections, including general overview and lessons learned (GEO Health CoP members)

4. Content Updates for Virtual Platform (GEO Health CoP webpage)

  • Webpage updates and monthly reminders (Helena Chapman, NASA)

5. Schedule and Preparation of Upcoming Critical Dates

  • Upcoming conferences (AGU, AMS) (John Haynes, NASA)

  • Discussion of upcoming meetings that GEO Health CoP members plan to attend (e.g., Can a GEO Health CoP side meeting or town hall engagement be held at any upcoming meetings to promote GEO?) (GEO Health CoP members)

6. Ongoing Liaison Engagement with Global Health Related Initiatives

  • Belmont Forum (Juli Trtanj, NOAA)

  • Bridging Earth observations with the “One Health” community (Juli Trtanj, NOAA; Helena Chapman, NASA; Lisa Conti, One Health Initiative/Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services)

  • Collaboration between Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics (Fraunhofer IOSB) and German Leprosy and TB Relief Association (DAHW): Impact of environmental factors on Buruli Ulcer cases in Nigeria (Kym Watson, Fraunhofer IOSB)

  • Discussion of global activities and updates of GEO Health CoP members (GEO Health CoP members)

Special Notes:

  • Prior to the telecon, WebEx information will be circulated to GEO Health Community of Practice members.

  • If GEO Health Community of Practice members have any updates to highlight on the website (, please email Helena Chapman (