Selected publications by the members of the GEO Health Community of Practice


Using Earth observation images to inform risk assessment and mapping of climate change-related infectious diseases. Canada Communicable Disease Report. (Kotchi SO, Bouchard C, Ludwig A, Rees EE, Brazeau S)

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A genetic algorithm for identifying spatially-varying environmental drivers in a malaria time series model. Environmental Modelling & Software. (J.K. Davis, T. Gebrehiwot, M. Worku, W. Awoke, A. Mihretie, D. Nekorchuk, M.C. Wimberly)

HABscope: A tool for use by citizen scientists to facilitate early warning of respiratory irritation caused by toxic blooms of Karenia brevis. PLoS ONE. (D.R. Hardison, W.C. Holland, R.D. Currier, B. Kirkpatrick, R. Stumpf, T. Fanara, D. Burris, A. Reich, G.J. Kirkpatrick, R.W. Litaker)

Social media to guide One Health initiatives. The Clinical Teacher. (V.J. Animasahun, H.J. Chapman, B.K. Oyewole)

Use of earth observation-derived hydrometeorological variables to model and predict rotavirus infection (MAL-ED): a multisite cohort study. Lancet Planetary Health. (J.M. Colston, B. Zaitchik, G. Kang, P. Peñataro Yori, T. Ahmed, A. Lima, A. Turab, E. Mduma, P. Sunder Shrestha, P. Bessong, R.D. Peng, R.E. Black, L.H. Moulton, M.N. Kosek)

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