The GEO Health Community of Practice is a global network of governments, organizations, and observers.  It seeks to use environmental observations to improve health decision-making at the international, regional, country, and district levels.


A note from GEO Health COP Chair and Program Manager of Health and Air Quality Applications at NASA, John Haynes

The environment can affect human health in ways that are both complex and global in scope.  The GEO Health Community of Practice (CoP) is working toward a future where decisions and actions for the benefit of humankind are informed by coordinated, comprehensive, and sustained Earth observations.  The GEO Health CoP provides a platform for the Earth observation, modeling, and prediction communities to come together with end users in public health and air quality to address GEO Health Tasks. 

I am proud to currently chair this effort and look forward to expanding our network in new and novel ways.  As you browse this site, I hope you get to know more about GEO and its connections to health.  Perhaps you’ll think of ways that Earth observations can help your organization—if so, reach out and get involved!

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A note from Science and Technical Officer for Sustainable Development Goals and Policy at GEO Secretariat, William Sonntag

As communities, national governments, global policy and development entities move to holistic policies for sustainable communities by implementing the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the data defining many interactions between the environment, economic activities and the well-being of individuals and healthy communities become increasingly important.  Developing a sophisticated network of sensors, public health surveillance and timely interventions addressing immediate responses to infectious disease outbreaks as well as long term strategies to address chronic diseases with an environmental etiology, require the consistent application of Earth observations to identify problems and devise on-the-ground solutions to reduce the burden of disease. 

GEO and its Health Community of Practice are helping to organize the burgeoning array of accessible observations and data resources to meet public health challenges from the direct health effects of air pollution and mercury exposure to the subtle long-term effects of climate change, reduced biodiversity and the disappearance of green space and natural resources in our urban areas.  Innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration among public and private institutions and science communities is our goal utilizing the global convening power of the Group on Earth Observations to deliver data that makes a public health difference.