GEO Symposium 2019 (May 27-29, 2019)

The Group on Earth Observations (GEO) Symposium 2019 will be held from May 27-29, 2019, at the World Meteorological Organization, in Geneva, Switzerland. Using the theme, “Earth Observations for Impact”, this event will provide an international platform for representatives from GEO’s Work Programme activities and initiatives to share research or program updates, identify strategies to enhance the impact of Earth observations in the area of sustainable development, and expand professional networks. Session topics will focus on the development of the 2020-2022 GEO Work Programme, addressing continued support for GEO efforts over the next three years. Current participants in GEO Flagships, Initiatives, Community Activities or Foundational Tasks are invited to attend the symposium and share experiences with the GEO community. Additionally, those persons who are interested to learn more about the use of Earth observation data and information are invited to attend and become involved in the diverse activities of the GEO community.

For more information, please visit the GEO Symposium website for the conference agenda and registration link. For additional questions, please contact the GEO Secretariat’s Work Programme Coordinator, Craig Larlee.